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A stripping basket optimized for distance flycasting.

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After request from a number of customers we can now also offer an elastic belt with the Linekurv. It has the best compromise of elasticity and firmness for optimum comfort. You may buy this with a new Linekurv or separately for your existing Linekurv. It also fits to all the other baskets on the market.
There is now a new version of the Linekurv with very good impact resistance even at low temperatures, We have made a video to demonstrate this: Video
In Denmark saltwater flyfishing for sea trout is very popular and through the years more and more people have been using stripping baskets to facilitate casting in this kind of flyfishing with many long casts. Stripping baskets have been bought or made at home but a lot of these are not in use as the disadvantages have outweighted the advantages. Now the experience of many years of flyfishing have led to the design of the linekurv.dk (strippingbasket.dk in danish) and it has so far received very positive reactions from all test persons. Now you can can benefit from all the years of experience put into this product. We at linekurv.dk are convinced that we have designed the best stripping basket on the market, regardless of price, but at a fair price.

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Lars Matthiessen