Stripping basket description

Description af the stripping basket

o Cones in the bottom are the best way to minimize problems with the shooting line. Here the number and the placement are optimized.
o In a large stripping basket, the shooting line is easy to place and with more room for the flyline, less problems occur. This is naturally most important when you have a lot of flyline in the basket, i.e., when you are making long casts.
o Low weight and the curved back improves the comfort.

o No protruding edges on the inside or outside can catch the flyline.

o Built in handle to facilitate transport.
o Quality buckle mounted on a 50 mm wide belt ensures comfort and makes it easy to release the belt.
o Belt holes with “anti-twist” and tight tolerances prevent twisting of the belt and minimize unintended water leakage.
o The stripping basket is made from a special polypropylene for minimum weight, maximum strength at low and high temperatures and resistance to UV radiation.

o Built in rod holder.
o Discrete colour.